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Organic Search Marketing

What does “Organic Search Results” mean?

Before we answer that question, let’s take a look at the different types of search results.

  1. AdWords search results or PPC - Pay Per Click
  2. Organic search results
  3. Google Places or Google Plus Local

AdWords are ads that companies pay Google for every time that someone clicks on their ads, hence, paying per click.  Normally these are displayed on the top or the side of a search query. The amount you pay depends on how competitive the particular niche or category your ad falls under.

Organic results are what results normally displayed from an internet search.  You don’t pay anything to appear in the top of the search results, this ranking is determined by what Google or other search engines see as valuable content related to the search query.

Google Places results appear when you search for a company at a particular location and Google displays the physical address via a map on the right side of the search page. Google will also display the 7 top nearest locations related to your search query.

So, what does “Organic Results” mean?

The key factors of organic results in a search engine that you should remember are:

  1. The top results are seen as “most valuable” or best optimized for topic, niche, keyword
  2. You can’t pay to appear at the top of organic search results
  3. Only 2-3% of clicks on a search page are on AdWords links
  4. 52% of all clicks occur on the first page of organic results

Bigger businesses don’t have a monopoly on organic search results. You can achieve visibility online as a small business.  This is because very few businesses out there have websites that are built for search engine optimization or SEO.

Most businesses out there will not hire an SEO-centric web designer who can create content for you that not only your customers like, but also structured to where Google’s ranking algorithms will see value in your website, thus appearing higher on the search pages and getting more exposure to potential customers.

There is room in the top page of the organic search results for your business. You need only hire the right web design firm, to take your website from the virtual “mom n pop” store in your community, to the renowned franchise in your greater local area.