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Advertising Networks

At first, there were newspaper ads. Then, businesses moved onto radio, television and phone books to promote their products and services. Now, the ever-increasing online medium offers us a multitude of possibilities that allow for a much wider exposure on the web, but simply posting your ad here and there will not be enough to target your specific demographic and customer base. This is where advertising networks come into play.

An advertising network is a company that stands as the middleman between advertisers and websites. They find the proper website for a specific ad and start negotiating with the website so that it’ll post and show that specific ad in a specific area on the website. This way, ads are kept relevant to a business’s target demographic, customer base, and area of service.
With the help of an advertising network, for example, in Buffalo, NY your business can start promoting its products or services in that specific city and area, but the actual physical location of the advertising network is irrelevant, as most of their services are aimed at a worldwide audience. They can find websites from around the world that get the visitors you’d want to turn into clients.

Ads are a crucial tool in attracting customers to your website. Say someone is browsing a website that offers legal services and you own an insurance services website. You’d want your ad to be placed on the legal website in order for people to get insurance from you and avoid the need of future legal services. An advertising network is the company that makes sure you ad is placed where it needs to be so that not only will it drive more traffic to your own resource, but turn visitors into clients – increasing conversion rates and implicitly, profits.
Part of the internet marketing strategy and service, advertising networks are specialized in ad placement and reporting. If you use these sort of services, you’ll get access to detailed reports on how much users are interacting with your ad, what conversion rates the ad offered at any given time and accurate impression statistics.

So if you’re looking to not only improve your online presence, but also increase revenue through higher conversion rates, then the services of an ad network are a must. Contact Scout Buffalo today to learn more.