DIY Website vs. Local Web Design Part 3: Technical Support

In this blog edition, we take a gander at the technical support aspect of the “do-it-yourself” website companies. If you haven’t done so already, take a look at some of 1& or reviews. Most customers have had very bad experiences with them. Whether with customer service, technical support, or hidden costs, these website builders are a mixture of flash and not much substance.
They exist to lure in the novices and “noobs” to owning and operating a website/web domain, and by the time these novices catch on to the poor service, poor upload time, confusing control panel, and other such reviewed deficiencies, one is stuck on a contract and charging schedule that is difficult to break, and as read, even more difficult to switch to another domain/hosting service. Most customers end up with collection agencies hounding them or automatic payments that hinder or overcharge one’s credit card and/or bank account, making for probably the most unappealing situation ever.
After reading assorted reviews of some of these DIY web design companies, I’ve found that the majority of them have little to no proper technical support. Wouldn’t it make sense that if a company, especially one that is a technology based company, would want the best technical support available to their customers? One would like to think so, but that just isn’t the case with most of them. They have scripted technical support responses from out of country call centers, as reviewers have stated. How is that tech support I ask you? It’s not!!!
When the person you call barely has a firm grasp on the linguistics necessary, and they are meant to help you with something technical as website, coding, html and such? This is one, if not the main reason, for having a local web design firm handle your web design and direct you to proper hosting platforms. One would rather have local, “feet on the ground” tech support. For the little you may save by going with one of the DIY web design companies, you give up on localized customer and technical support. Ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” Is it worth the minimal savings for the grand headaches?
Proper Technical support available through a local design firm will allow you to make corrections and have readily accessible and knowledgeable support at your fingertips, with firsthand knowledge of your local area, programs and hardware being used, and other items pertaining to how you custom website is built.
Keep in mind the old adage “You have to spend money to make money.” It’s not worth the aggravation most times going with something cheaper over something with quality. 

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Thomas Rogers

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