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Can You Monetize your YouTube Videos Successfully without Google Ad-words in Pay Per Click Advertising?

Monetizing YouTube without the use of Google ad-words has several advantages as you can choose from a wide variety of products according to your niche channel. You can drive a lot of sales if you are using correct affiliate marketing tactics. No worries about getting your Monetization feature turned off by the YouTube team. By using the right marketing strategies, you can earn even more than you earned from ad-words through your videos.

Ad-words is not the end of the world. Anyone honest with their work can try thousands of methods that can have significantly more benefits than Google Ad-words alone. Build a channel on YouTube and start generating audience first, by uploading quality content, because you can try any method of monetizing your YouTube channel if it contains quality and useful content and channel subscribers are engaged in watching the videos of said channel.

Although it seems unlikely, it is possible to make a profit without participating in this program. So, for those who cannot or don’t want to get into Ad-words for some reason or another, they have an opportunity to do so within YouTube. One should only continue to seek followers and if they register with your channel, so much the better. It’s important to note that YouTube earns money for views rather than followers, but as long as you continue to garner interest and steadily add followers, you can have more opportunities for videos to be viewed.


Many successful You Tubers add links in their descriptions that take their followers to online stores for specific products. There are also many interested in selling music, video games, courses, tutorials and much more. Your channel could be an ideal medium for them and they know it. They can even use the channel to sell their own products; there is much that can be done by having a successful channel on YouTube. Follow this method to get the best return on investment of your videos without using Google ad-words!

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